Chanvre Bio by Chanvria

Made in France  

huile de chanvre bioCARE AND BEAUTY ARE IN THE FIELDS!

Too often, we are looking for complex and far off solutions when they are simple and under our feet !

CHANVRIA cares about demonstrating that it is possible to combine environmental concern and economy. Work with French providers is not only an ecological choice but also a will to promote the economy. The partners have been carefully selected, starting with the hemp supplier, a cooperative of Aube in the Champagne region, at the very origin of the brand.

CHANVRIA’s creators decided to create a dermo-cosmetic range whose active ingredient comes from a plant grown entirely without any pesticide, or fungicide , or herbicide  or fertilizer in the heart of the Aube in the Champagne region.

Hemp is then transformed by the agricultural cooperative LA CHANVRIERE, first European hemp producer located in Bar-sur-Aube.

  • A low water consuming, minimum care, cultivated without pesticide, without GMO or chemicals, hemp requires few inputs but offers many opportunities.