Chenevis by Chanvria

Did you know ?  

Cannabis Sativa agricultural variety or hemp is THC free (less than 0.2%). It can reach up to several metres in height. Its culture requires no fertilizers, pesticides nor fungicide. Its needs for water are very scarce: +/- 20 times less than cotton.

Hemp seed is particularly nutritious. Legend tells that Bouddha survived through its initiatory trip, eating only one hemp seed per day.

Hemp, in the 19th century, already shapes the economical contours of France. From Chennevières sur Marne to the Cannebière of Marseille, hemp was cultivated everywhere and used for ropes and fabrics.

Cannabis is the scientific name of plants among which only certain species produce psychoactive substances (that acts on the brain) including THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

These species, commonly called “Cannabis”, produce a resin rich in THC constituting the drug of the marijuana. It is one of the 500 cannabinoids substances extracted from different species. Today, a significant amount of industrial research is related to cannabinoids and its impact on the treatment of pain. A cannabis based medicine is sold in many European countries (except in France) for treating muscular problems of multiple sclerosis.

Hemp is a seed-propagated crop. It is rather a male or a female.

Fibres from hemp stem have long been used for sail-ships ropes production. The fabric of the first jeans was partly woven with hemp fibres.

Hemp has long been applied to the banknote paper manufacture.