Feuille de Chanvre bio

Cannabis Sativa  


Thanks to its high resistance, its versatility and its many virtues, hemp or Cannabis Sativa turns out to be a « miracle» plant.

It is grown completely naturally, without any chemical input (pesticide, fungicide, herbicide…)

In History, hemp has been one of the first cultivated plants.

The cultivation of industrial hemp offers thousands of opportunities: hemp seed used for food and feed, fiber and shives used in the plastic industry, construction, building’s insulation, and many other uses (animal bedding, mulching, stationery, textile, biomass…).

Hemp seed oil is produced by pressing the Hemp seeds. Due to its fragility, pressing requires a real know-how to preserve the unsaturated fatty acids from oxidation and degradation.

For ages, women have been using it for its multiple benefits.

Hemp oil incorporated in CHANVRIA’s products comes from the largest Cooperative of hemp production in Europe: LA CHANVRIERE. It is located in the department of AUBE in the Champagne-Ardenne region.

Warning, the « recreational » Cannabis (Cannabis Indica) is therefore of the same plant family but remains a very distant cousin. The Cannabis Sativa contained in CHANVRIA’s skincares, has no psychoactive effect and contains virtually no THC (tétrahydrocannabinol).