Huile de Chanvre Bio by Chanvria

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HEMP : A NATURAL ACTIVE FOR THE SKIN PROTECTION AND COMFORT The oil extracted from the seeds is rich in essential fatty acids : omega 3 & 6, γ linolenic and also contains alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E).. Its contents and proportion in omega 3 and 6 (in an ideal ratio of 1 to 3), γ linolenic …

Chanvre Bio by Chanvria

Made in France

CARE AND BEAUTY ARE IN THE FIELDS! Too often, we are looking for complex and far off solutions when they are simple and under our feet ! CHANVRIA cares about demonstrating that it is possible to combine environmental concern and economy. Work with French providers is not only an ecological choice but also a will to …


First range of dermocosmetic products based on organic hemp oil

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